I design and build websites – and take responsibility for all the details

It’s a safe bet that you’re incredibly busy. Perhaps so busy that your website has had to wait. But you also know a website is absolutely fundamental to any successful enterprise. Most web companies have a standard pitch about involving the client, swapping ideas, and getting feedback, but that’s just marketing guff and ultimately tells you very little about what they can really do for you.

What I’ve found is that most people are busy. They don’t want to know every detail about APC optimization or jquery. Like most good managers they get things done efficiently by knowing when to delegate. By choosing MultiMediaAction you’re delegating the job of building your website to me. I build bespoke, beautiful, fast and capable websites. Have a look at some of the examples to see my work in action, that will tell you more than any blurb.

But what makes MultiMediaAction unique is that I take responsibility for your site. I do whatever needs to be done without needing to be asked or prompted or charging extra. That might mean fixing typos, redoing logos, optimising (or taking) photos, improving security, advising on hosting, writing new content, aligning the site to your brand, and ensuring it performs flawlessly across desktops, tablets and mobiles. I also do all geeky stuff from hosting to integrating social media, e-commerce, membership sites, email newsletters, maps, video, SEO, caching and visitor analytics.

If you’ve had an artist prepare a mockup of exactly how you’d like your site to look I can follow that, but I’m equally capable of simply being given a verbal feel of what you want and taking it from there. I’ve had a lot of experience at getting the match right between a business and its audience.